And Ode To Jesus, Err, I mean Barry

It’s a fricken cult I tell you.

I don’t know Barry well-enough to know if he would order his minions to invade homes and cart people away to re-education camps or not. I do have no problem believing that if he did so, they would do it without question and with much enthusiasm.



  1. I think I’m gonna be sick.

  2. Make that two.

    I actually like that song, in a slightly different rendition, and I consider the use of it in this way to be a genuine sacrilege.

    Was it on your blog, yesterday or Sunday, that I read about the activities of Obama’s “transition team” and his cabinet of stars waiting in the wings?

    He goes beyond hubris and straight to chutzpah.

  3. Oh Lord. Why are people falling for this? Who is slipping people the kool-aid? It’s like they aren’t even thinking for themselves anymore. Are you sure they haven’t already been re-educated?

  4. Stepford citizens?

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