Do You Want To Risk Being Joe The Plumber?

Suppose you are an undecided voter – moderate Democrat or PUMA or Independent or even wavering Republican – and you cast your vote for Barry because you want to taste-test this whole “hope and change” thing he is selling.

Then six months or a year after he takes office you don’t like his new nationalized health care program and you complain. Or you are really upset because instead of lowering taxes he decides to raise them so he can share more of that wonderful “wealth” and you decide to put a “Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for him” bumper-sticker on your car.

But then you have second thoughts because, well, do you really want to face the whole Joe the Plumber ordeal? Have them check into your finances and employment and personal relationships? Do you really want Barry’s unforgiving legions hunting you down over the Internet or at the local mall parking lot? Calling you a racist? Or maybe since he is the Prez now something a little more official like a nasty old IRS audit?

I’m not saying it’s gonna happen, but hey, considering what they do to their opponents now, what makes you think they will be any different when they have real power?

Something to consider. Assuming you’re into that whole free speech thing, that is.



  1. Free speech is about to be changed to only free liberal speech. Anything else against a liberal democrat will make you a target of the media, deranged people, and when the great Barry becomes dictator, the police, FBI, CIA, IRS and who knows what else. The Obama Secret police?

    Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann has been attacked by Powell, Pelosi, the media as a start for saying some of Obama’s views appear anti-american to her. His cult followers have now poured money into her opponents campaign to keep her from being elected. An election she was favored to win bigtime. I suppose he’s just trying to take her out now so he won’t have her opposing his policies in the future.

    KATV anchor Anne Pressly of Little Rock. Beaten in her home. Police suspect she was targeted because she played a conservative commentator who speaks favorably of President Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” event on an aircraft carrier shortly after the start of the Iraq war in the propaganda movie “W”. Really nothing to do with free speech I suppose, but it shows how conservatives could be treated if the trend of suppressing all views other than Barry’s does come true.

    Ahhh, what a wonderful ditatorship we’ll live in. Liberals said Bush would be the one to do it. Barry has gone further over the line before he’s been elected than Bush did in 8 years. Hell, Bush never even got close.

    God have mercy on America.

  2. Now … now … Rebel.

    If … If Barry actually wins (that is IF Whitey let’s Barry win) …

    When you wake up the next morning you’ll still be in America … protected by the Constitution. You can still call hime Barry or The One or whatever you want. You’ll still have a job and a 401K account. Our brave soldiers will still be fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Joe the Plumber will still be unclogging toilets. Rush Limbaugh will still be spewing right wing talk radio.

    You and TRO act like the world is about to end ?

    If you want to worry … worry about McCain winning and then dying in office. Then look who you got as Prez …

    Now THAT is scary !!!

    I actually have warmed up some to McCain … believe it or … or … no you wouldn’t ever believe it … but really … I do not know who I am going to vote for … If McCain actually had a running mate I could easily be swayed.

    And it sounds like it doesn’t matter who the Prez is … Congress is going to be controlled by the Donkeys !!! I could almost vote McCain to even out the balance of powers. Hmmmmmmmm …

    Is it too late to give Barbie the boot ?

  3. Joe Biden’s recent speech hasn’t made me feel particularly warm and fuzzy about a Barry O! presidency.

  4. “When you wake up the next morning you’ll still be in America … protected by the Constitution.”

    With liberal judges, including two liberal newly appointed Supreme Court Justices interpreting that Constitution to the liberals favor I am not so sure.

    “I actually have warmed up some to McCain … believe it or … or … no you wouldn’t ever believe it … but really … I do not know who I am going to vote for … If McCain actually had a running mate I could easily be swayed.”

    You are so full of it, Ed. Sarah Palin is drawing tens of thousands to her rallies. No, hundreds of thousands. SNL got the highest ratings they had in 17 years when she lowered herself to appear there (and she made those mopes look bad).

    People believe she is ready to be VP. I believe she is ready for VP. Certainly more so thant Barry is ready to be Prez. Biden? Please, you are lucky if you can find the guy. That moron is saying that Barry is going to be tested by a major international crisis within six months and he may not be ready? What, is he doing commercials for McCain now?

    “Rush Limbaugh will still be spewing right wing talk radio.”

    Ed, you are showing a profound lack of knowledge about the Fairness Doctrine and the absolute certainty that Barry and a Dem Congress will bring it back (and a liberal Supreme Court won’t stop them). If they are successful you can say goodbye to Rush and pretty much all conservative talk radio. And you can say goodbye to conservative bloggers, including me because I have too much to lose to be attacked for my right to free speech.

    And the “Whitey” thing . . . man, you just don’t give it up, do you? To paraphrase Barry, I’m beginning to think you aren’t the guy I knew a long time ago.

  5. You don’t have to worry, Eddie, you’ll be living in the perfect world from your point of view. The rest of us who don’t believe Barry is the messiah and have individual views contrary to his commandments are the ones who will be persecuted. It’s already started. His footsoildiers are already at work. I see you being high on the recruiment list, assuming you’re not already a member.

  6. In post #10 Under Proof that FOX NEWS is unbiased … you said ….

    “Of course Carter couldn’t blame them all on racism so Barry does have that going for him.”

    I’m just stating a fact … Barry has to outpoll the racist vote that will certainly be out in force on election day. Do you deny that fact ?

  7. Yeah, I deny that there will be much, if any, of a Republican or conservative “racist” vote. Republicans and conservatives will be voting against Barry because he is a socialist – they don’t need any other reason.

    Now, Democrats . . . yeah, there may be some of them who will not vote for him because he is black. Maybe even a few Independents. I would guess about 2 to 3 percent at most. I think he has more problems with the former Hillary supporters not voting for him than racist voters.

    Not much when compared to, what, the estimated 97 to 99% of blacks who are going to vote for Barry.

    So much for that whole “whitey” thing.

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