Toast And Jam

Hat-tip to Ginger for the annoying toast vid.

This is the toast.

1. Sarah Palin is starting to hit Obama in her speeches, reminding people about his ties to home-grown terrorist for one thing. This is a winning strategy since many people still don’t know what he is all about. Keep it up, Sarah.

2. Of course if you mention Bill Ayers and Barry Obama in the same sentence you are a racist. Still again, any criticism of Barry is considered racist now. One can only imagine how things will go if he is president.

3. Despite the miracle bailout, the markets are taking some big hits. My 401K even took one last week. I moved most of my money to safer government securities this weekend but I am afraid it won’t make it over before today’s losses. Sigh, good thing I don’t retire for five years and I have my government pension coming when I do. Even then I am going to be looking for a retirement job. Who do I blame? The Democrats – Barney Frank being the poster-child for those who were possibly criminal in their actions concerning Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

4. Speaking of possible criminal actions, let’s look at how the Democrats are stealing the election in Ohio. By any means necessary.

5. Sarah slams a heckler. This had to hurt. (It’s at the end of the clip.)

6. Barry didn’t know Bill Ayers was a terrorist? Eh, makes sense, he doesn’t seem to know that Iran supports terrorism so at least he is consistent. Here’s a current picture of Ayers you might find enlightening.

7. Saturday Night Live does a skit on the bailout which slams the Democrats. It’s yanked from their site when big-time lefties complain (allegedly so I don’t get sued), but as Ace say’s you can’t stop the signal. (That’s a Serenity reference, in case you missed it.) So here it is.

This is the jam. I like it spread on thick.

8. Gratuitous brunette picture.

9. Still another gratuitous brunette picture.

Hat-tip for the brunette photos to Theo Spark.


1 Comment

  1. I finally figured out who Rebelmoon is … kev ? One of your recent posts gave me some insight.
    Rebelmoon, you underestimate your writing talents … you are at least as talented as big bro … maybe more. I enjoy your style … witty and to the point … no profanity … yet ?

    Ok … today’s mantra seems to be attack ads. Will these insults be repeated face to face in the debate tonight? Maybe … but probably a bit more toned down. Personally, I don’t pay much attention to attack ads. Most of them are hyperbole anyway.

    The plans for resusitating this nation’s economy is what I want to hear. Not mud-slinging !!! I keep reading TRO’s blog hoping to gain insight to McCain’s plan. All I can find are TRO’s reasons for NOT voting for Obama. Linked to terrorists ? Raising taxes, antiwar ?

    I’ll refrain from attempting to challenge these claims in hopes that sometime before the election TRO will try to convice us of why we should vote for McCain based on his merits and plans for our nation.

    an independent and uncommited voter.

    PS … DOW JONES, NASDAQ, and S&P 500 all slammed again today. Looks like last week was indeed a “dead cat bounce”. Most financial analysts are admitting we are in a NASTY bear market. Plan accordingly.

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