The Deck Is Already Stacked

Against Sarah in the debate.

Thursday’s Vice Presidential Debate between Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Biden will be moderated by a staunch Obama supporter. Gwen Ifill wrote a book on her friend, Barack Obama, that will be released on January 20, 2009… Inaugural Day.

There’s more at the link above and here. Can you imagine if the moderator had written a book supporting McCain? No way she would be allowed to get within a mile of any debate. Bad enough that the leftist NPR (or PBS – it’s all the same) is involved at all, but now the person asking the questions is not only a drinker of the Obama Kool Aid but someone who mixes it up as well.

If Sarah survives this there is no doubt she is ready to be Vice President. (I don’t have any doubt already. My point is that she has the entire MSM working against her despite her qualifications and that if she can handle this onslaught it only adds to her ability to handle the VP job.)



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  2. These days there’s no more poisonous drink in US than Kool-Aid’08. The people who serve it know what they do. They people who WANT to drink it will be fine. But the the people who drink it at the party… well their hangover will be brutal.

  3. Palin is “stacked” also …

    Won’t she be asking Palin and Biden the same questions ?

    I believe she has moderated other debates … so the organizers must feel she is good at it … ?

    McCain has already commented that he has no problem with her moderating.

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