Eh, I Had To Post Something

I apologize for the lack of substantive posting, but I’ve been very busy and to be honest I haven’t found much to blog about. I’m not watching the Democratic National Convention so I don’t really have an opinion on it past the cartoon above. It’s a love-fest just like the Republican National Convention will be. Speaking of the RNC, I am off to Minneapolis day after tomorrow and between preparations for that and a general malaise this blog has become about as boring as I am.

Here are some links, but even they are boring.

1. Palin for Vice President has a nice post on her chances of making Biden look bad in a debate. McCain are you listening?

2. Average U.S. income is up this year. Good news, but even better if Barry is elected and raises those taxes.

3. “This is a police state!” Anyone else see the irony in these fools yelling this unhindered by, you know, the police?

4. Speaking of protestors in Denver. Here’s a nice photo roundup of the great liberal unwashed.

5. And even more from Denver. This time the tolerant left showing, well, their tolerance. Liberal fascists, indeed.

6. Where have all the real men gone? I got three being raised here in case you were wondering.

7. Nun beauty pagent. I remember one young sister I was totally in love with back at Saint Francis. Alas, it was not to be.

8. Seven stupid ways celebrities try to go green. Ewwww, Jennifer Aniston only takes three minutes to shower? Funk-city.



  1. I took your Palin link, then took the link to vote for her. By the time I did she was at 21% and Hutchison at 20%. Too close to count on anything, obviously. However, I sincerely doubt McCain is going to consult any polls in choosing his running mate, so tell me…does Ms. Palin really stand any chance?

  2. I have no clue, Vicki. I imagine he will go with Romney, but if he doesn’t then I think she may be number two on his list.

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