The Sexist In Me Made Me Post This Photo

But to make up for it, here’s some other stuff.

1. A world without an American Soldier. And Marine. And Sailor. And Airman. And Coast Guardsman.

2. McCain moves ahead of Barry in latest poll. Good news, but remember it’s just one poll. And the Gallup Daily poll still has them tied. Either way, this is bad for Barry as historically the Dems are well ahead in these races at this time of year. And they still lose.

3. 15 Images You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped.

4. “I wish I’d spent more time naked.” We all do, Jennifer, we all do.

5. More about An American Carol. I am pushing this movie as you can tell. I want you to go see it when it opens on October 3rd.

6. Workplace discrimination against men. Lord knows I have seen plenty of this even in my career field. And I always feel used afterward.

7. The only place Democrats want to drill.

8. Speaking of feeling used, how about some morning Hoff via Blowing Smoke.


1 Comment

  1. The sexist in me sure appreciates that you posted it!

    The soldier in me appreciated #1. I gotta cover that… if I ever get over this jet lag. Sheesh.

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