The Power Of Music

The Anchoress says of this video, “This is a really great video that makes you remember our common humanity and gives hope that maybe someday, we’ll all get along.”

Far be it from me to disagree with such a brilliant woman, but what this shows is the power of music. Because it’s the music that gives this video its impact. Its power to generate emotion. Without this particular song, or perhaps a similar song of hope and inspiration – you know the ones from soundtracks of movies like Rudy and a dozen other “underdog overcomes hardship to become the hero” films out there – it would just be a silly guy dancing in different locations. Entertaining, yes, but hardly the stuff of recalling our common humanity. Add this song though and, “bam,” like Emeril Lagasse adding some secret ingredient to a so-so pot roast, you suddenly have a rich meal to be enjoyed and remembered long after the last burp has faded away.

But make no mistake, The Anchoress is correct, this video does make one feel that connection to these people. To the rest of the world. To humanity.

If only that connection were enough for us, as she says, to all get along.


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  1. […] A while back I posted this video and talked about the power of music to bring people together. I stumbled upon it again this evening and decided to explore the background a bit and that’s when I found Matt’s website, and some more great videos including this one that is as good as the final version, but in a different way. […]

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