Loving wife and I went to see Leatherheads yesterday. It kinda sucked. Not major suckage, but definitely suckage. It’s an HBO kind of movie.

After the movie we went to Macaroni Grill for dinner. The food was great, but the drinks – margaritas – sucked. We noticed this a few months ago when we went there so it must be a training thing instead of just one bad bartender. Next time we go it will be beer for me and wine for her.

Does that ever happen to you? You know, you go to a place and either the food sucks or the drinks or the service or something and you swear you won’t ever go there again but then time goes by and you end up back there remembering your pledge as you suffer through the same thing again? It happens to me quite a bit. One of the hazards of a poor memory I guess.

Anyway, there was a lot of suckage last night.

The bad kind.

Quit thinking dirty thoughts.


And when you go out do you worry about violence? I rarely do. Maybe it’s because I am armed most of the time, but our city is pretty peaceful and I just don’t think about it. Well, it seems foreigners think we are peaceful too. America that is. At least more peaceful than Britain, anyway. Makes sense to me, although it may be because of more than our guns; it may be because we are just nicer and not as drunk. Or maybe just nicer drunks.

Oh yes, back to the movies. They previewed the upcoming Sex and the City movie and loving wife wants to go see it. Not with me thank goodness, because I am pretty sure it is going to suck (again there’s that suckage). Full disclosure here and with the risk of casting doubt on my manliness, I have seen every episode of the series. Don’t give me that look, it was like a soap opera – you see one or two and you get hooked. I just think too much time has passed, both in terms of the ages of these women and in terms of the trendiness of their lives, for the movie to be worth a damn. It will be a cliche. Anyway, That’s What She Blogged talks about some of her favorite Sex and the City episodes in anticipation of the new movie. I hope she won’t be disappointed.

I know this is jumping from subject to subject, but my sons are done with college for the summer, so this is appropriate. It’s how I remember college anyway.


I mentioned John Adams in an earlier post. Fantastic book. Remarkable, no great, man. Arguably the greatest of men of that time. Read the book.

Obama Pastorale 2 by Mr. Goodbar.

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