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1. What it takes to earn a fine arts degree from Yale. This has to do with this story, in case you missed it.

2. And speaking of higher education – – I’m a big zombie fan, but let me tell you, if I found out my sons were wasting their time, and my money, on crap like this while in college, they’d be flipping burgers for a living in a heartbeat.

3. They are calling for a draft. The left that is. Since the beginning of the Iraq War is has always been the Democrats calling for a draft. The military doesn’t want one. Nor does the GOP. Why you ask? Because you can’t have a anti-war movement of any consequence unless you are forcing people to fight it. We aren’t. Our guys and gals want to defend their country, and that pisses off those who want to retreat.

4. Taking your child to see how mom’s boobs are going to be embiggened. It’s so 2008ish I guess.

5. Awful science fair projects. Some objectional content. Well, more than some really.

6. Baracky: The Movie:

7. It’s so simple, really, why hasn’t anyone made this point before? There have been two wars in Iraq. The first to remove Saddam Hussien which we won handily. And the second, which we are winning, and must continue to fight until we do win.


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  1. Our guys and gals want to defend their country

    Damn skippy!

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