Hillary’s Bitterness Ad

It’s a good one. And it will play even better when McCain uses the issue in the general. And it is a real issue. Because that is the real Obama. Say what you want about us dumb gun-toting, church-clinging, beer-drinking, swarthy person-hating hick Americans. We can spot a fake a mile away.

And that fake is Barack Hussein Obama.

Via Demure Thoughts.

The Cougar Den

A little racy, but funny.

Via Five Blogs Before Lunch.

And He Can’t Spell Either

Click it to make it bigger.

Stolen from PJ Country, who I hope will cut me some slack since we are both Air Force.

Man Loses 140 Pounds On Baked-Bean Diet

Politics I Can Support (With My Hands)

Design your own custom Obama logo. I was lazy and just used this one I found at Six Meat Buffet, but it’s what I would have picked for sure.

There are some great ones here, but grab one quickly – if this really is the Obama site, I don’t see them being there long.

$3,000 Tax Hike For Every American

It’s tax day. But as much as that hurts it could get worse next year. Think about that when you vote in November.

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