He Remembers To Put The Toilet Seat Down

White-haired women for Obama.

He’s the PERFECT husband they all wish they had.

This Way To

1. What Hillary wishes she could say about Obama.

2. Former crappy President and terrorist appeaser Jimmy Carter is going to kiss some terrorist hiney. Israel rightly refuses to help with his security. Eh, let his terrorist buddies protect him.

3. A ready-made campaign commercial for McCain in a contest with Obama? Yep, I would say so.

4. Education then and now. Kids aren’t learning a damn thing now and that’s a fact.

5. Ten Best Hitmen. Via Frogsmoke.

6. Ginger got her gumdrops published in a book. No, I mean real gumdrops. What did you think I meant? Get your minds out of the gutter people.

7. Women and their hair. I’ve heard these stories from loving wife more than a few times. I cut my own. It’s simpler.

8. SNOBwear coming to a store near you. Wear it with your Typical White Person gear.

9. Who knew my ex-girlfriends formed a club.

10. The Anti-Chain Letter.

Brunette Of The Week

Carla Gugino

Who is so nice she deserves more attention.

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