Get Your Red Hots Here

1. Michelle Unbound. Best line, “I’m constantly reminded that I will never be smart enough to be a Democrat.” I know the feeling.

2. The Ten Most Hated People on the Internet. I don’t know many of them, and it’s a shame that one is a military member (although he deserves the scorn), but I wish Rachael Ray were higher than number 10. She makes brunettes look bad. And no wonder her voice is so raspy – she is a chain-smoker.

3. The French do love their fries. Eco-friendly since you could bring it with you when you go to McDonalds.

4. General Petraeus kicked Democrat butt yesterday. Well, that’s my interpretation anyway. What he did was answer every question they had with facts and reason and watched them make fools of themselves giving speeches about surrender. If you’re interested The Global Times has lots of video. Just scroll down to see them.

5. And they say guys have weird shower habits.

6. Computer programming languages and their celebrity equivalents. I guess computer nerds will get this. I got some of it, which means I am only half-computer nerd. (Via Southern Appeal)

7. Navy Seal is awarded the Medal of Honor. I posted about this before, but it is worth repeating.

8. Yep, this is about as interesting as a cat gets, alright.

9. Neil gets a haircut. I cut my own. An old military habit. Saves me a lot of money, too.

10. Babies. Or little pink aliens. I am not sure which. Cute either way.

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  1. I thought David Cross was a twat long before it became fashionable.

    And I’m one of the bloggers who helped spread the word about that poor Megan Meir girl. And proud to be.

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