Absolut Nonsense

Rest assured I absolutely will not be drinking Absolut vodka after seeing their Mexico ad campaigns. That’s no small loss to that company as loving wife and I do like our vodka.

Hopefully this will gain some momentum in the blogosphere and enough Americans will stop buying their vodka to make it sting a bit. I cannot imagine America is not a bigger vodka market than Mexico, land of tequila.


I emailed Absolut Vodka to complain about the ad and got an email back saying that the email box was closed and no longer receiving email. Wonder why?


Absolut posts a non-apology-apology on their website. Predictable. Screw em, I’m drinking Skyy, Stoli or Grey Goose from now on.


Hi to the visitors from Sweden. If you are Absolut people, you really screwed-up. Sucks to be you today.


This Absolut story has legs – long, tight, tanned, legs – just Google blogs and see. Of course Ace takes a look at it in the way only he can, and it’s from him I steal this great take on the Absolut ad.

As Ace paraphrases the Absolut(ly) lame apology excuse, “it reflects a Europe that many Russians feel would be more ideal.”


Even more Absolut World parodies



  1. Quinn and Rose were talking about this today and gave out the phone number for Absolut’s marketing director or somesuch.

  2. Add this Photoshop job to the pile of those spoofing the Absolut ad.

  3. […] y de una blasfemia hacia la soberanía de USA. En sucesión a esto muchos yanquis se hicieron eco del anuncio en sus weblogs, destilando (irónicamente por tener que ver con una […]

  4. interesting blog.

  5. email addy’s for Absolut & Pernod

    Ketil.Eriksen@vsgroup.com, Krister.Asplund@vsgroup.com, Andreas.Berggren@vsgroup.com, Håkan.Carrefors@vsgroup.com, Kevin.Fennessey@vsgroup.com, Matthias.Aeppli@vsgroup.com, Olof.Stålnacke@vsgroup.com, Paula.Eriksson@vsgroup.com, paula.eriksson@absolut.se, matthias.aeppli@absolut.com, matthias.aeppli@absolut.se, michael.misiorski@absolut.com, michael.misiorski@absolut.se, kevin.fennessey@absolut.com, kevin.fennessey@absolut.se, Claes.Dahlbäck@vsgroup.com, Bengt.Baron@vsgroup.com, Ola.Salmén@vsgroup.com, Rolf.Cassergren@vsgroup.com, Mats.Andersson@vsgroup.com, Jacob.Broberg@vsgroup.com, Mikael.Spångberg@vsgroup.com, Gunilla.Winlund@vsgroup.com, Krister.Asplund@vsgroup.com, Andreas Berggren Andreas.Berggren@vsgroup.com, Eva.Kempe-Forsberg@vsgroup.com, Anders.Carlson@vsgroup.com, Ketil.Eriksen@vsgroup.com, Jay.Maltby@vsgroup.com, Anders.Olsson@vsgroup.com, Peeter.Luksep@vsgroup.com, Michael.Persson@vsgroup.com, Claes.Åkesson@vsgroup.com, sarah.bessette@ABSOLUT.com, ambassaden.washington@foreign.ministry.se, claes.akesson@vsgroup.com, sofia.leffler.moberg@vsgroup.com, jeffrey.moran@absolut.com, jeffrey.moran@absolut.se, siteinfo@absolut.se, paula.eriksson@vsgroup.com, kristina.hagbard@absolut.se, jacob.broberg@vsgroup.com, Pierre.Coppéré@pernod.fr, Pierre.Coppere@pernod.fr, Pierre.Coppere@pernod.com, Xavier.Beysecker@pernod.fr, Xavier.Beysecker@pernod.com, Frantz.Hotton@pernod.fr, Frantz.Hotton@pernod.com, Jean-Marc.Roué@pernod.fr, Jean-Marc.Roue@pernod.fr, Jean-Marc.Roue@pernod.com, Jean-François.Lalu@pernod.fr, Jean-Francois.Lalu@pernod.fr, Jean-Francois.Lalu@pernod.com, Jean-Charles.Castellano@pernod.fr, Jean-Charles.Castellano@pernod.com, Régis.Souillet@pernod.fr, Regis.Souillet@pernod.fr, Regis.Souillet@pernod.com, Sylvie.Machenaud@pernod.fr, alexandra.cleon@pernod.com, sylvie.machenaud@pernod.com, sarah.valence@pernod.com, Emmanuel.Babeau@pernod.com, Alain.Barbet@pernod.com, Alain.Barbet@pernod-ricard-usa.com, Peter.Szemenyei@pernod-ricard-usa.com, Jack.Shea@pernod-ricard-usa.com, Thomas.Lalla@pernod-ricard-usa.com, Lori.Gage@pernod-ricard-usa.com, Mark.Orr@pernod-ricard-usa.com, Dan.Denisoff@pernod-ricard-usa.com, Stephen.Brauer@pernod-ricard-usa.com, Theodore.Roman@pernod-ricard-usa.com, Patrick.Piana@pernod-ricard-usa.com, Judy.Goldfarb@pernod-ricard-usa.com, Charles.Smith@pernod-ricard-usa.com, corporate_communications@pernod-ricard-usa.com, Deborah.Moss@absolut.com

    Pernod is the parent company, maybe they can clean a little house at Absolut (instead of offering lame apologies)

  6. interesting! love it

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  7. I don’t get it. What’s wrong with the ad, exactly?

  8. Will,

    If you really don’t get it, I don’t think I could ever explain it to you.

  9. I’m noticing that the majority of the people that are up in arms about this ad are “gringos”. I live in Southern California and have many Mexican friends who seem to love the ad. Lighten up!

  10. Oh how cool are you? You have Mexican friends! And poor little ole me hasn’t ever even met a Mexican. Except for the ten illegals who built the retaining wall for my pool a few years ago. At least I think they were Mexican. I don’t speak Spanish and they didn’t speak English so they could have been Colombian for all I know.

    But let’s get serious.

    You are right, the people who are up in arms about this ad are “gringos.” If gringos means American citizens who value the integrity of our national borders and don’t appreciate companies making money off this reconquista nonsense.

    Of course, if all the people who wanted Mexico to reclaim the territory noted in the advertisement got their way you wouldn’t be living in Southern California any longer. You would be living in Northern Mexico. And my how much better your life would be too, I imagine.

    By the way, my “Mexican” friend (I have a couple actually) didn’t like the ad at all. But, hey, he was born here and his parents were legal immigrants, so I guess he doesn’t count.

  11. […] One of my favorite vodkas, American-made Skyy, is showing its patriotism in response to this Absolut nonsense. […]

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