Have You?

I don’t usually do memes but, eh, what the hell.  I stole it from That’s What She Blogged.

Have you:

1. Been to a play: High school I think. 

2. Bungee jumped or something similar: I bungee jumped right after my 10 year old son did. One hundred feet off a tower.  Loving wife was pregnant with our youngest at the time and has never forgiven me for letting my son do it.

3. Been a mentor/big brother/big sister: Yes, I was a big brother to a 12 year old boy when I was a young Second Lieutenant in the Air Force.  He must be about 37 years old now.  I lost touch but I do know he joined the Air Force.

4. Read at least one of the classics (War and Peace, The Great Gatsby, The Red Badge of Courage, Beowulf, Crime and Punishment, etc): I read Beowulf and The Red Badge of Courage.

5. Stood up for someone publicly:  Yep.

6. Been on a major roller coaster: Many times.  But not the wooden ones.   I HATE those.  The pain of being shaken so badly sucks all the fun out of the ride on those things.  I like the smooth metal ones. I don’t like spinning rides though.  They make me puke.

7. Been to a drive-in movie: Yes, many times. 

8. Done something at a drive-in movie other than watch the movie:  Yep.

9. Done volunteer work:  On rare occasions.  Loving wife is the volunteer in the family now.

10. Given a toast at a wedding, a eulogy at a funeral, or some similar, meaningful speech:  I do public speaking all the time, and I am told I am very good at it, but never for anything “meaningful.”

11. Been to a major sports playoff game: No. 

12. Thrown a costume or theme party: Yes.  A Halloween party when I was a young, single, thin and not bad-looking Second Lieutenant.  It was a drunken blast with friends from the Air Force, old friends from my hometown and about a dozen English nurses who I had met a few weeks before.  No one parties like drunk English nurses.  It was also the almost end to my just-beginning romance with loving wife, but that is a long story.

13. Been on or near the set of a major motion picture:  Yes, if you count before the movie was made.  The film O Brother Where Art Thou had a big scene filmed in the auditorium of my old grade school, Saint Francis Xavier, in Vicksburg, Mississippi.  You know the scene near the end where The Soggy Bottom Boys sing that song and are befriended by the governor?  That was my grade school.  Pretty cool, huh?

14. Taken a compliment well:  I don’t take it badly if that is what this means.

15. Planted a tree:  Yes, a Live Oak I think

16. Been stung by a jellyfish or something similar in/near the ocean:  No.  I hate swimming in the ocean for just that reason.

17. Quit a crappy job:  Yes.

18. Been on a blind date: Yes. I met loving wife on a blind date about month before the infamous Halloween party mentioned above.

19. Done something kind and unexpected for a stranger:  I have paid for meals for service members at restaurants as I left so they didn’t have to pay.  I love doing that.

20. Had a major surgery:  Tonsillectomy.  Rotator cuff repair. Colonoscopy.

21. Taken a car/truck road trip that covered at least 6 states: Yes. Both vacation and work-related.  Once I did it in one day – Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and then back home to Tennessee. 

22. Been in 4 or more countries:  Yes. Canada, several countries in Europe and also Japan and Korea.

23. Spent New Year’s Eve somewhere special: I’ve had special New Year’s, but I can’t think of any fantastic locations for those New Year’s.

24. Visited an ancient landmark: Yes, but I am not sure how old something needs to be called “ancient.”  Lots of old landmarks in Europe though. Oh yes, Roman catacombs must surely qualify.

25. Been face to face with a celebrity by chance:  Nope.

26. Given to charity in the past two years: Yes.

27. Helped a stray animal: Yes.  Our family pet and friend of 10 years, Butler, was a lost stray puppy.

28. Dated someone you met online: No, unless cyber-dating counts.

29. Won money on a long shot: Nope.

30. Won your office/family/friends NCAA tournament pool: Never been in one.

31. Won an award/medal (even if something “small”):  Military awards/medals. Nothing worth speaking about though. 

32. Driven a foreign sports car:  Yes, but never owned one.

33. Been in the front row for a concert:  Yes, at many rock concerts in the 1970s

34. Attended a symphony orchestra performance:  No.

35. Caught a criminal in the act and did something about it (reported it, smacked them in the head, etc):  When I was about 22 I chased down and caught a purse-snatcher.  I described the incident on one of my old blogs.  I was shot at by the cops (accidentally) while doing it.  Good times.

36. Sung solo on a stage: Nope

37. Witnessed something supernatural:  Nope.

38. Covered for someone (who deserved it) at work:  On minor things like being late. 

39. Overcome a major fear:  Yes, when I bungee jumped. I am petrified of heights. 

40. Mailed a surprise care package to a loved one: Does having flowers sent to your wife count?

You can see my old grade school near the end of the video up above and in pictures at the link.


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