And The Winner Is The Brunette Of The Week

I don’t play Everquest. I play World of Warcraft. So I have no clue what this contest is really about other than it involved a ton of hot brunettes in purple bikinis.

Purple is my favorite color.

Brunettes are my favorite women.

Bikinis are my favorite swimsuits.

Therefore I am in heaven for the moment.

BTW, there are 178 photos of these gals at the contest link above.

A nice way to spend the day if you ask me.

It’s All About The Benjamins Change

Watching the Democrat debate I can say that it’s all about change. 

Hillary has been changing things for 35 years, she says.  Obama wants to change things.  And Edwards, well, Edwards is thinking about changing his hairstyle.

Change, change, change, change.  Change, change, change, change.


The thing is, what needs changing?  Seriously.  Tell me.

The economy is doing fine.  The stock market is performing well.  Unemployment, although it did go up a bit this past week, is still very low.  I keep waiting on the big housing bubble to burst, but it never does, especially since Bush bailed out all those morons who over-reached on housing with subprime loans or whatever they are called.

Disposable personal income has risen. The GDP increased as well.  Yes, the danger of inflation remains, but no one who is serious sees a recession in our near future.

Check out these stats.

Job Growth: 18,000 new jobs were created in December, the 52nd straight month of job gains. The United States has added 1.3 million jobs in the past 12 months and about 8 and a half million jobs since August 2003. Employment increased in 48 states and the District of Columbia over the year ending in November. (Last updated: January 4, 2008)

Low Unemployment: The unemployment rate rose to 5.0 percent in December from 4.7 percent in November.  Unemployment rates have declined in 23 states and the District of Columbia over the year ending in November. (Last updated: January 4, 2008)

Economic Growth: Real GDP growth was 4.9 percent in the third quarter of 2007, supported by strong gains in business investment and exports. (Last updated: December 20, 2007)

Business Investment: Business spending on commercial structures and equipment rose solidly in the third quarter.  Healthy corporate balance sheets bode well for continued investment growth. (Last updated: December 20,2007)

Exports: Strong global growth is boosting U.S. exports, which grew by 10.3 percent over the past 4 quarters. (Last updated: December 20, 2007)

Inflation: Core inflation remains contained.  The consumer price index excluding food and energy rose 2.3 percent over the 12 months ending in October. (Last updated: December 14, 2007)

Tax Revenues: Tax receipts rose 6.7 percent in fiscal year 2007 (FY07) on top of FY06’s 11.8 percent increase.  As a share of GDP, FY07 receipts exceeded their 40-year average. (Last updated: October 12, 2007)

The nationwide violent crime rate has dropped to record levels.

We haven’t had a major terrorist attack on US soil since 9-11 (there have been attempts, but we have foiled them).  We have pretty much won the war in Iraq, something liberals would not admit was possible and still won’t admit has happened.  The Patriot Act is out there and working and yet I don’t feel I have lost one single civil right. I don’t think most Americans do either.

Yes, we still have problems.  But they are problems that the Democrats do not want to solve.

Illegal immigration? Please.  They would offer trolley rides across the border if they could.

Fiscal responsibility? Ha.  Four words if they are elected.  Higher taxes – more spending.

National security?  Give me a break. They wanted to surrender in Iraq and think we can make nice with Iran even though the leadership of Iran is fricken bat-shit crazy and wants to destroy us.

Health care?  Yeah, something needs to be done to help, but national health care?  Are you serious?  They want to make you buy health insurance whether you want it or not. And do you really want to use government health care?  Look, I am a government employee so I know, the government can’t run most things well and you want to put your health care in its hands?  What, are you crazy?

Anyway, I personally don’t want change, except that I would like us to be stronger on certain issues. Illegal immigration.  Yeah, we need to change – change our policy and enforce the laws.   Fiscal responsibility.  Lower taxes and cut back on spending.   And there are other things that I could see changing but not in the direction that Obama or Hillary or Edwards would take us.

Otherwise we are on the right track and we need to keep on it.

If you want change, sure vote for the Dems.  But just be sure what you want changed because frankly I can’t see anything they would change for the better.

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