Christmas Preparations

I know, I know, no posts. Sorry, but things have just been hectic here. Loving wife and I were shopping all day yesterday which mainly meant I was sitting in chairs and on benches in the middle of the mall while she shopped. I also served as a mobile storage and transport facility as I held bags, boxes, and a coat while sitting and walking. No different from a million other husbands this and every Christmas season I know.

At one point I am sitting there and these three older ladies walked by – in their seventies I imagine – and one of them smiled at me and asked, “How many people have to counted sitting there today?” Being the flirt that I am I replied, “I only count the cute women like you” which got a good giggle out of all three women as they walked on by.

We are pretty much ready for Christmas and I guess we should be considering it is only a few days away. Today  or tomorrow we have to go look for one more thing and then we are probably going to hit a movie. Middle son and I are going to see Sweeny Todd which he has seen and says is so good he wants to see it again with me. Loving wife and my youngest son will probably catch one of the children’s movies while we are seeing this R-rated one.

It’s been cold and then warm and then rainy here. Typical Tennessee winter weather I guess. I wish it would snow. Snow always makes a Christmas better, don’t you think? I do.

Next week I will be busy. I have to get our Pilot into the shop for an oil change and to check out why our tires keep losing air so quickly. It has happened ever since they rotated them a couple of months ago. Not a fast leak but after a while the low-air warning light comes on and I need to put a few pounds in. Weird.

We are having heating problems in the house as well.  No, the heater is working. What is what is that the flue from the heater up to the roof has a small leak in it so that condensation water is dripping out of it (which pooled and came through the ceiling in my youngest son’s bedroom).  At least that is what we think the problem is.  Us and the HVAC guy, that is. The leak is near where the pipe goes through the roof and while the pipe inside the house is in good shape the three-foot section above the roof has a long rust stain on it.  We are assuming that somehow cold air is getting too far down that section of the pipe (due to the rust – a hole perhaps?) and hitting the hot exhaust and causing the condensation.

Eh, it’s our only theory.

So replacing the pipe with a four foot section (to raise it up a bit cause the guy says it looks too low on the roof-line) and a new cap and checking everything out up there comes to $393. Damn.

Something I could probably do but since it is about 35 feet off the ground on a steeply slopped roof I ain’t gonna even try.

Oh well, that will have to wait until after the holidays. The bucket under the pipe in the attic will do until then.

Mildly interesting side-note is the fact that all the flue-pipe was manufactured in my hometown down in Mississippi.

Well, that’s it.  I am sure I will find some stuff to post about today so stay tuned.

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