Happy Chanukah or Hanukkah

Being one of those gentiles who have to “squirm every time they try to pronounce the “ch” sound correctly” I decided to go with both versions.

But however you spell it, have a happy one.

Run For Your Lives Guys

Several years ago I was looking for a parking place at the local park so I could watch my son’s soccer game.  I was late and spaces were scarce, but as I turned a corner I noticed two spaces open right next to each other.  Now there was a SUV that had stopped past the open spaces and I sorta, kinda knew they were probably going to back-up to take one of them, but since I was right at them and was very late, I just quickly turned into the first one and parked (leaving the one closest to the SUV open).

A few seconds later the SUV backed into the other space and this very large, very ugly, very redneck woman rolled-out and proceeded to yell at me for taking her space.  Now I wasn’t in the mood to be yelled at by anyone, much less a large, ugly, redneck woman, but instead of yelling back, I simply and calmly stated that I hadn’t taken her space, I had taken my space which unfortunately was located directly next to her space and she really should calm down since we both had parking spaces. 

This didn’t calm her down, however, and she continued to berate me for stealing her space as I turned away from her to grab-up some stuff for the game and she turned to do the same from the back of her SUV.  Finally as I closed and locked the door to my truck I turned back towards her and, not being the kind of guy who can let someone else have the last word,  said, “My how happy your husband must be being married to a delicate little flower like you.”

She spun around at that and with her fat face reddening even more said, “I’m not married, I divorced that lying, cheating creep years ago.”

To which I replied as I walked away, “Lucky him.”

Anyway, that memory was brought to my mind after finding this site called Don’t Date Him Girl where whiny bitches go to whine and bitch about their ex-boyfriends or husbands, or in many cases just guys they decided to sleep with on the first date who didn’t call them back with a marriage proposal the next day.  It’s pretty pathetic really, but amusing if you are a guy who doesn’t have to date any more like me.  If I did have to date again I would be petrified by the thought of running into women like the ones who post on this site.

It’s enough to make a guy’s balls protectively recede into his body.

Just to be fair, I know there are lots of jerks out there, and sometimes women get messed-over by them.  And I suppose a site like this is a great way for them to vent their frustrations about the worst of the male sex (or is it gender?  I can never remember).  But that being said, it seems to me that many of these women had expectations that were probably not adequately communicated to the men.  Or they are simply unhinged.

Like the very large, very ugly, very redneck woman whose husband is probably listed on that site somewhere.

Lucky guy.

BTW, someone should put up a Don’t Date Her Guy site as a rebuttal to this nonsense.  Of course, if they did they would be saddled with all sorts of stalking accusations and no doubt a few criminal investigations.

That’s the wacky way of the world.

Maps As They Could Have Been And Still Could Be

I found this map over at Strange Maps, which as you can guess from the title is all about strange and unusual maps.

The map is a depiction of a “Balkanized North America” in which “. . . the westward expansion of the Anglo-American people proceeded pretty much as it did in our reality . . .  but the United States government just couldn’t keep up. Every national identity crisis resolved itself in favor of the separatists instead.”

It’s interesting to see how our nation would have formed, or not formed as the case may be, had historical multiculturalism had its way.  Frightening too, in my opinion, because there are many living in our nation who wouldn’t mind seeing some form of this map as a reality now. 

It reminded me of this excellent book, Prayers for the Assassin (and described fairly accurately here and here), that pictures an America of 2040 split into four distinct pieces, an Islamic Republic, a Christian bible-belt, a Nevada “sin-state” and a small Mormon nation.

You can see a bigger version of this map here, by the way.

I highly recommend the book for its great storytelling – it’s a great read, full of political intrigue and interesting characters – but also because it provides a hard look into a future that is possible if we do not continue to deal with Islamic fantacism in a strong way.

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