The Obligatory Jennifer Love Hewitt Ass Post

Everyone is talking about it.  So I guess I have to offer up my opinion and here it is.

Me likie a lot.  It scores very well on the Spank-O-Meter.  To hell with those who are dissing it because it isn’t their idea of ass perfection.  She’s a real woman and real women are much more fun than fake ones.  Plus, she is a brunette which forgives a multitude of sins in my opinion.

Besides, here’s her front.

Who can’t love that face?  She is adorable.   And that is without makeup.  Here she is all dolled-up.

See, what a babe.

BTW, she answers her critics here. Good for her.


  1. I cannot believe people are giving her a hard time for what she looks like. I wish I looked 1/10th of her! I think she looks fantastic & I’m so glad she told those idiots off.


  2. So glad you chimed in with a voice of reason! She’s truly adorable, and while that shot may not be the most flattering she’s ever taken, she sure as heck is not fat. I’d kill to look like her.

    Three cheers for real brunettes!!

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